Monday, April 30, 2012

MFA Greensboro Alum Steve Almond Unleashes His Humor and Fury

How to be Funny and Serious at the Same Time
Steve Almond lets us into his furious and hilarious mind.     Mike Bookey
Steve Almond

There is a short video on YouTube promoting Steve Almond’s new short story collection, God Bless America. In it, Almond, sitting on a couch, outlines how right-wing talking heads like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin absolutely love his book. Fox News clips at first seem to back up his claims. Soon, however, you realize that these are actually just snippets of the commentators saying the phrase “God Bless America.”

Check it out. It’s hilarious and a good peek into the mind of Almond, a writer whose work has included stints at daily and weekly papers, seven books and a teaching career at Boston College that ended when he resigned via a Boston Globe op-ed objecting to Condoleezza Rice delivering the commencement speech at the university.

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