Monday, April 30, 2012

MFA Greensboro Alum Christina Veladota Featured and Reads for The Journal, 'A Brief Novel at the End of July'

A Brief Novel at the End of July
Christina Veladota//36.2 Spring 2012
Christina VeladotaI don’t believe the silo at night is empty until I’m inside it with music & chairs that
unfold. When I say my love I mean his body seems impossible as oceans in Ohio. Our
dogs are copies of other dogs. Suffering keeps a tally of my mild & my chronic. The sky
over the river is never a copy of another sky. It’s good for a good wind to sweep in. Pitch
is rooftop, black, & fever. Is to sing. You cannot tell words not to look the worst in the
face. My best tragedy is my tuneless voice. Sigh. Low. Impossible is the river when the
sky pitches stones on us; we cannot gather them fast enough.

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