Friday, January 27, 2012

MFA Greensboro Alum Steve Almond Reviewed, "God Bless America"

God Bless America: Stories by Steve Almond
by willbranthicks

God Bless AmericaI first read Candyfreak several years back, and liked Steve Almond’s funny and twisted writing approach.  So when God Bless America came out recently, I tore through it in less than a week, and experienced lots of laughing (I need to quit reading in public places – people look at you funny) and some tears.

Almond’s characters are not pretty people.  There’s several here that aren’t even likeable, but yet, Almond manages to recreate their convoluted lives into something often humorous, or at least worthy of pondering.  And ponder you will.  Most of these stories do not finish with tidy endings – they often leave off with an unsettled feel.  Read on though, and enjoy.

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