Saturday, July 3, 2010

MFA Greensboro Faculty Craig Nova Reviewed in The Seattle Times

'The Informer': Author Craig Nova takes a turn through pre-World War II Berlin

By Michael Upchurch


Berlin, 1930: A serial killer is on the loose in the city's streets. So are Hitler's Brownshirts and the Moscow-directed Red Front Fighters, brawling with one another and dealing whatever blows they can against the fragile democracy of the Weimar Republic.

The atmosphere is shadowy but with a silvery, glittery vein running through it. The murder victims are mostly prostitutes, some in their teens. And a young woman, Armina Treffen, has invested herself in solving the cases, to the point of risking her own career as a police detective, especially if the deaths turn out to have political implications.

Craig Nova's new novel, "The Informer," is vivid in its imagery, tangled in its action and packed with every film-noir accouterment imaginable.

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