Friday, May 22, 2009

New Work by MFA Greensboro Alum Lynne Barrett in "Saw Palm"

Volume 3, Spring 2009

Texaco on Biscayne
Lynne Barrett

After a group of us met for a girls’ night out to see a movie, we were tempted over to the nearby not very good place for a drink and fried food and a table outside on a mild Miami January night. We split up in the parking lot. It was near midnight, and the place was hopping, with lots of people standing outside by their cars, smoking and talking in the soft, humid air. My friend Jill had come with me, but two of the others lived closer to her, so she went home with them. Had I driven her, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Or it would have but we’d have been together and so everything would have been different.

I was heading home by myself, down Biscayne, when I felt the left rear tire go wrong and at the same time saw a guy driving along next to me gesturing at me to pull over. Had I hit something on the road, or did someone—this guy?—gash my tire at the restaurant? Was he predator or friend?

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