Monday, May 4, 2009

MFA Greensboro Alum Sarah Lindsay Reviewed at "Corduroy Books"

Sarah Lindsay’s Twigs & Knucklebones is an ambitious poetry collection, with its center section, “The Kingdom of Nab,” every bit as complex and substantive and satisfying as a stand-alone book (Copper Canyon and the Lannan Foundation rarely disappoint). The theme of the book is artifact, and Lindsay has made this topic exactly as broad and narrow as it should be. “The Kingdom of Nab” is an archeology dig spanning decades. Stories emerge in this section via the artifacts uncovered by generations of some reckless and other magnificently dedicated archeologists: a people’s history etched upon a clay tablet, a boy’s clay horses, bodies buried beneath a home’s floorboards, hand-molded jars, looms. These artifacts of the past are set against the CDs and automobiles of contemporary times.

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